Today’s show was amazing. There’s no other word. We sat with Penny Wittbrodt, and she blessed us with her story. Please make sure to head over and subscribe to her on Rumble, and please share todays episode with everyone you feel it will impact.


Bio: Penny Wittbrodt is the mother of three grown kids and grandmother of four. She and her husband Don, enjoy life in the beautiful bluegrass state of Kentucky. After graduating from nursing school in 2002, Penny accepted her first position as a Cardiothoracic ICU nurse. Most of her nursing career was spent in critical care.

Penny also felt a need to give back to her community and was involved in two different not-for-profit outreach programs. One of these, was a local clinic that served patients who otherwise would have lacked basic primary medical care.
Several years later, her small town was shocked by the closing of their local Boys and Girls club. Penny and a team of concerned parents opened their own after-school center. In its first year of operation, the program received the state of Kentucky “Destiny Award,” for excellence in service to at-risk and underserved children.

The after-school program revealed Penny’s love for teaching. She took a year away from nursing when she accepted adjunct professor positions, at three area technical colleges. There, she taught pathophysiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, and dosage calculation.
When the spring term ended, she returned to nursing. Penny would soon be forced to give up her career, when in 2013, she was assaulted by a patient. The attack left her with a spinal injury which required a lengthy surgery and left her with permanent nerve damage in her spine, left arm, and hand. Unable to work, she fell into a dark depression and began isolating herself. This led to overwhelming social anxiety which in turn, caused her to withdrawal even further.

Several months after surgery, she developed a mysterious autoimmune condition which caused eighteen bouts of respiratory failure, over two-and-a-half years. Doctors had no answers and every treatment they prescribed failed. Finally, through a series of near-death experiences, the source of her continued attacks was revealed. Penny discovered how to overcome her condition and took action. That decision dramatically changed the course of her life. Based on her experience, she was invited to write a chapter for Dr. Penny Sartori’s book, “The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences.” Penny is currently finalizing her first book, “A Life Reclaimed.” She can also be seen on Amazon Prime in Craig Mcmahon’s documentary, “Life to Afterlife: Death and Back 2.”

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