In his third podcast appearance, Pulitzer unpacks how to identify/defeat the left’s full-fledged psychological warfare tactics; why conservatives really are winning this ideological war; the left’s obsession to control thought patterns and the media; lawfare and why it’s so dangerous; why we’re on Divine time, a test from God; the fine line President Trump is walking; what’s happening with election integrity. He hosts the “Cut The Crap Show” podcast.

Information for Jovan Hutton Pulitzer:
On the internet: #JovanHuttonPulitzer
Rumble: JovanHuttonPulitzer/Rumble

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Wayne Allyn Root; Rebecca Friedrichs; Ian Prior.

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4 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    I have always found Jovan Hutton Pulitzer to be a very smart man and this video proves it.
    He understands the system. I sure hope Kari Lake gets Justice. Hobbs should have recused herself. The Arizona Senate should do the right thing. Kari Lake would make a great running mate for Trump. I lost my family to Hitler so I know what freedom is.
    Thanks for having Mr. Pulitzer on. He is great!

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for replying, Frances, for your always well-educated comments. I’ve been blessed to have had so many high-profile guests on my podcast. Jovan’s first two appearances rank second and third as the most-listened to podcasts, trailing only the colossal five-guest broadcast that featured Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Mike Lindell. It’s proof that America most definitely wants to hear what Jovan has to say. He delivered, once again, on this latest podcast!!!

  2. David M Zuniga

    Gary, I heard you on Ann Vandersteel’s podcast and was edified to see how closely our positions track on all major issues. I founded AmericaAgain! Trust and its action mission, Tactical Civics™. We have almost 600 county chapters now, and are all about real, lifelong repentance in ACTION.

    This is my most popular book so far, The Great We-Set™, in free PDF edition (pass it on all you like):

    This is our 11-min mission intro video:

    If you see fit, I’d love to be on your show sometime to introduce your audience to the most exciting citizen action mission since 1776, doing our best to glorify King Jesus and restore His crown rights in this civilization!



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