The truth-teller/new-media trailblazer addresses how the erosion of truth is the product of our hijacked education system that produces brainwashed children; truth is a casualty of an information war tactic used by godless evil people seeking a one-world government; we must return to God and bring duty, honor and self-respect back into society; we’re into Communism, like it or not; blocking out the “noise” created by information overload; corporatocracy putting profit over people; bringing back state sovereignty by invoking the Tenth Amendment; creating a national impact using hyperlocal action; we’re on the verge of an economic collapse; the next potential virus threat; the importance of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation she’s the chairman of; getting involved in the fight to take our freedom back. She hosts the podcast, “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel.”

Information for Ann Vandersteel::
Twitter: @annvandersteel

Upcoming Podcasts:
Ian Prior (available 6/13); Christian Watson; Trevor Loudon.

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