Today’s show is something else. We are talking about things no one else is, but we start with the Superbowl and a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Chris Stapleton. Then, it’s aliens. The bingo card is complete. However, there are some things we really need be focused on, like the horrific ecological disaster taking place in Ohio and PA right now. Chemical fumes are being spewed into the air, and as per usual, the government is lying to you about it. Then, the earthquake in Turkey, a volcano in Japan, a pipeline emergency in Nevada, and we end off the show with a crazy trans “Revolution.” It’s certainly a Monday show not to miss.

Links We Mention
The Star Spangled Banner:
Jesus makes the Super Bowl (finally):
Aliens.. Yes, Aliens:
East Palestine is suffering an ecological disaster:
It’s a revolution:

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