Today’s show is BUSY! We start with a fantastic announcement! Beanz and Michelle from UDC are joining Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire” as regular contributing authors! From there, we move to how awesome McCarthy is starting his speakership and his excoriating Schiff and Swalwell, and then we move on to what may or may not be a parody article about the vaccinated v. the unvaccinated. Next it’s McGonagal and a Gaetz breakdown, and on from there to eggs? Yes, eggs. Super busy show today, and an early Happy 15th wedding anniversary to Beanz and her amazing hubby Mr. Beanz.

Links Mentioned
Beanz joins Highwire!
McCarthy does us proud:
The Subcommittees:
Election Integrity in AZ:
Ross Thread:
The vaccine parody?
And, Eggs:–Rx7EZyC7s

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