Happy Wednesday! We start the show today with a “behind the scenes” look into the workings of a newsroom when a story needs correcting, and tell you the story of a tale of two heat maps in Maricopa county. Then, we move on to discuss the Vaccine Accountability Round table held by Governor Ron Desantis in Florida, and move on to Sam Bankman-Fried and Yoel Roth. Make sure to check the show notes for reference, and we will see you on Friday!

Links Mentioned In This Episode
Baris Story 1: https://www.uncoverdc.com/2022/12/12/rich-baris-maricopa-had-a-heat-map-of-expected-republican-voters/
Baris Story 2: https://www.uncoverdc.com/2022/12/12/update-maricopa-had-a-democratic-heat-map-too-that-makes-it-worse/
The UDC PLEDGE: https://www.uncoverdc.com/about/
WaPo highlights UncoverDC Reporting: https://twitter.com/AaronBlake/status/1602660155157618690
The Shout from Kane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeO2LhDZ-9o&t=5783s
Desantis and the Rountable: https://www.uncoverdc.com/2022/12/13/desantis-to-investigate-any-all-mrna-vaccine-wrongdoing/
The Vigilant Fox has the clips: https://t.me/VigilantFox/7751
Turleys thoughts on Bankman-Fried: https://jonathanturley.org/2022/12/13/enough-of-that-the-justice-department-faces-questions-after-effectively-preventing-bankman-fried-from-testifying-in-congress/

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