They skate at 25 miles per hour, shoot a puck over 100 miles per hour, and when they collide it will rock you to your core. It is fast. It is furious. It’s the NHL Playoffs!!!

The prize….. Lord Stanley’s Cup. Hoisting this storied trophy overhead is the dream of any kid who has ever laced up a skate.

As we watch the on-ice battles of the NHL playoffs, the rest of the hockey world heads into the offseason. So, what should you be focusing on during the summer months to up your game this fall?

Are there things you should be focusing on to raise your potential… to raise your value as a player both short term and long term?


In this week’s episode of Krush Performance, we talk with Barry Butt, founder of Premier Strength, one of the most successful player development programs in the game of hockey.

There are crucial aspects of performance hockey players should be considering during the offseason and much of this depends on your age, your level of play, game experience, and where your hockey dreams are pointing you.

We talk about athlete development for player performance and layout strategies we feel you seriously need to consider if you are playing the game of hockey.

A little hint….. get off of the ice if you want to succeed on the ice.

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