We are thrilled to be joined for the first half of today’s show by Dr. Larry Schweikart, author of the new book “Dragonslayers: Six Presidents And Their War With the Swamp.” We talk about the book and how each of the six navigated their way through a war with their own respective swamp. You can find all of the info about Larry and his book, and also how to get his home school class below.

Then, Tracy and Mike hit the ground running with a FASCINATING vaccine debate that can’t be missed and how it ties into current geopolitical events. It is an action-packed Dark to Light Podcast!


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13 Responses

    • Don

      04-23-23: What’s a book? Weren’t they those wooden rectangular vertical coffins that you stepped into to make a phone call that cost a dime?

      2) if you buy this book, will they remember the next time to PUT THE DATE OF THE EVENT at the start of the audio? Or is “Pay For Day” illegal?

      3) In which year will they finally realize that no one fills out the “Website” box, below:

      2057? 3099? 5091 A.D.?

      I could be wrong about this — that space just might be the wooden rectangular vertical box that we’re supposed to make telephone calls in.

      4) Changing the subject.

      “Five NFL Players Hit With Gambling Bans” — NYP 09/22/23

      “Four Detroit Lions players … have been suspended for violating the NFL’s gambling policy, the league announced Friday,” yesterday (Friday 09/21/23).

      Four players were Detroit Lions (Williams, Berryhill, Moore and Cephus).

      What didn’t make the paper was which “prop” they had bet on, which happened to be:

      “In 2023, which NFL team will have the most number of players suspended for violating the NFL gambling policies?”

      The Lions players pooled their money and waged $5,000,000 on … Detroit.


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