Krush Performance: I’m Back In Business!

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWThis week on Krush Performance – I AM BACK BABY!

Returning from Major back surgery, I want to tell you all about it. One thing I have learned through this 2 years of chronic back pain – You Are Not Alone.

There are some great people out there who can help you map out a plan to take care of your pain and get you back on track.

We will also discuss our 2022 Theme of Organizational and Team Performance, I want to look at Motivation and the breakdown between what we know and what we do to help motivate people to be their very best. There are a few key “tricks to the trade” here.

And we are jumping into the Krush Mail Bag, we have received some great questions from you guys:

  • MLB Hall of Fame David Ortiz is in and some historical players fall off the Ballot as the shadow of PEDs continues to dim the light on professional baseball.
  • Some great questions on supplements, I will lay out our Krush Approach when it comes to looking for and using supplements.
  • And, the Olympics are underway – there does not seem to be the customary hype leading up to the games but I can tell you I am fired up and we’ll break down some fun facts surrounding the 2022 Winter games in Beijing.

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