United Patriots Uprising: They’re Blasting Out Truth All Over The Airwaves

United Patriots UprisingThe disingenuous mainstream media no longer presents truth as We The People have become well aware. Out of this betrayal, conservative truth purveyors are rising up throughout the internet the likes of guests JAMES BOSTICK, host of “A Conservative Perspective,” JOE MOBLEY, host of “The Joe Mobley Show,” JERRY CIRINO, who hosts the “Fides Podcast,” KATHY HATCH, host of “KathysRight,” KEVIN WHITE, host of the “American Allegiance Radio Show,” and MARK HOFFMANN, who hosts “Patriot Nation Radio Live!”

Next podcast: “Left It—The Democratic Party!” with guests BLEXIT’s Pierre Wilson; JEXIT’S Michelle Terris, Marie Fischer, Sofia Manolesco; LEXIT’s Jesse Holguin.

Information for this episode guests:
James Bostick: Facebook | GETTR
Joe Mobley: Joe Mobley Show
Jerry Cirino: Fides Podcast | Facebook
Kathy Hatch: KAThysRight.com
Kevin White: Brownie Fox Publishing
Mark Hoffman: Patriot Nation Radio Network (Facebook) |Patriot Nation Radio Show (Facebook Group)

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