Dark To Light: A Serious Conversation

It’s a serious conversation today on the show as Frank and Beanz vent about all that’s going on, the mood surrounding it, and where our future may take us. We are welcoming some feedback on the show today.

No clips, no massive news stories, just the two of them chatting it up about the world.

We will see you back on Monday.


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2 Responses

  1. David

    Hi Tracy, Not sure if this is the place to respond… but here goes.

    One of the things I enjoy most IS the organic nature of the show. Please keep it up. I like it when Frank has no idea what’s going on :p. It adds spontaneity and you can here the gears grinding in his head as he speaks, much more entertaining and brilliant than someone who has prepped. Planned and canned podcasts are a dime a dozen. Keep up the good work.

    Loyal listen and supporter,

  2. Swift

    Hi to you both – to all

    This was one of my favourite episodes – so many of the the things you discussed here really resonated – I’m sure it did with a lot of listeners. Not to underestimate all the work you all put in – the research & interviews – all of it. So informative and and I share your works with anyone who will appreciate/understand enough.
    I enjoy the spontaneity (like David here 🙂 also I don’t know where best to reach you both for this feedback.. )

    It’s not very eloquent but my way of telling a few wonderful people how much they mean to you.. Now, not later.
    So a big thank you both for all that you do, so much respect for you.
    From another loyal few listeners .. and all those who may be thinking it & not yet commenting.

    All my very best to you, your families.


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