United Patriots Uprising: Saving America. It’s Up To Us

United Patriots Uprising“Saving America. It’s Up To Us” is the timely topic on the table. Don’t know who and what America needs to be saved from? You will after listening to guests Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn; My Pillow Founder Mike Lindell; John DiLemme, Conservative Business Journal/Podcast founder; Lucretia Hughes, host of Real News with Lucretia Hughes; and Shawn Farash, Loud Majority founder. Also, you’ll hear a surprise caller who insisted he wasn’t President Trump!

Next podcast: Pastor Jack Hibbs, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Star Parker, Virginia Prodan, Nick Searcy, Dr. Steve Turley.

Information for this episode guests:
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: Telegram
Mike Lindell: MyPillow | Facebook
John Dilemme: Conservative Business Journey | Telegram
Lucretia Hughes: Fallback Productions Studios | ETSY
Shawn Farash: Loud Majority US | Facebook

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4 Responses

    • Gary Binford

      Glad you liked the podcast, Christine. The guests brought the heat, didn’t they? Mega-doses of truth. Hope you tell people in your circles of influence about the broadcast. Gotta get the word out, right?

  1. Frances P. Gillespie

    Dear Gary,

    I could not help listening to the entire program as I prepared my dinner and sat down to eat. Thank You for this blessing and for having all these wonderful people on your your show.
    Your guests Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, John DiLemme, Conservative Journalist Lucretia Hughes, and Trump’s voice double Shawn Farash ( who I follow on Twitter) made me feel that I am not alone in this fight to save our country. You are doing God’s work and you are much appreciated by all who love our country and will fight to take it back.
    Sincerely, Frances P Gillespie

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for listening to the entire show, Frances. You’re truly a trooper, a great patriot. Each of the guests addressed saving America from a different prospective. We’ve got to get this done while we still have time to do so. Keep up the good fight. And don’t let them grind you down.


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