United Patriots Uprising: Law and Order and the Border

United Patriots UprisingThe safe and secure feeling we had in our communities and nation is a fading memory. Can we get it back? Former high-level officials Sheriff David Clarke, ICE Director Ron Vitiello and INS Senior Special Agent Mike Cutler expose the threats while providing hope for the future as they delve deeply into “Defending Law & Order and Securing The Border.”

Next podcast, October 26th: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, John DiLemme, Lucretia Hughes, Shawn Farash.

Information for this episode guests:
Former Sheriff David Clarke: RiseUpWisconsin.com | AmericasSheriff.com | Twitter, Telegram and Parler: @SheriffClarke
Ron Vitiello: LinkedIn | Twitter (@VitielloRonald)
Mike Cuter: MichaelCutler.net | The Michael Cutler Hour | FrontPage Magazine

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