Dark To Light: It’s Time To Lighten It Up

It was just time to lighten things up a bit today. After a brief and emotional beginning to the show, Frank and Beanz meander around the day’s news without all of the downtrodden. Perhaps a chuckle is in your future with this show?!

The D2L Extravaganza kicks off next week! We will be joining you on location. Have a fantastic weekend!


Journal of Medical Virology: Lowering the transmission and spread of human coronavirus

Fox 17 Nashville: Researchers find some mouthwash, nasal rinses could help reduce coronavirus spread

ScienceNews.org: Coronavirus treatment targeting the nose might help prevent COVID-19

ScienceDirect.com: Do saline water gargling and nasal irrigation confer protection against COVID-19?

Vanderbilt University Medical Center: Trial to test nasal irrigation to treat COVID

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One Response

  1. Kat Beplay

    Another fantastic show!

    Question: at about seven minutes and 45 seconds into the podcast you played audio of someone talking about fear and how the pandemic is responding so much fear. You never said who was speaking. I’d love to know!

    Thank you and love to all


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