Krush Performance: Skill vs. Talent – There’s A Big Difference

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWWhat exactly is Talent? Why is it so difficult to predict future success? What is the difference between talent and skill? When it comes to talent and talent identification, there seem to be more questions than answers.

Talent and talent ID are one of our main themes for 2021 and this week on Krush Performance, we dive into episode two of our “Talent Series” as we talk with Dr. Nima Dehghansai, Athlete Development and Talent ID Specialist with the Australian Paralympic Committee.

We dive down the talent rabbit hole to address some of the major questions revolving around our understanding of talent and talent ID and why we are struggling to make significant progress in our developmental and performance programs.

We will discuss:

  • Our current understanding of talent.
  • Talent transfer vs athlete transfer.
  • Talent vs skill – there is a big difference here and we need to make sure we are focusing on the correct things.
  • Developmental timelines
  • Critical periods of development
  • Supporting our coaches and coaching development
  • Skill acquisition specialists – providing perspective

We often say, “A problem accurately defined is already partially solved.” It is very, very difficult to solve a problem without a clear understanding of what that problem is.

Join us as we take a deep dive into our 2021 theme – Talent and Talent ID.

June 23: Episode #2: Skill vs Talent with Dr. Nima Dehghansai

June 30: Episode #3: Talent ID – The Draft and Scouting with Sports Researcher Lou Farah

July 7: Episode #4: Coaches Eye: Coach Decision making During Talent ID with Dr. Alex Roberts.

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