Dark To Light: Joel Wood Fired for Refusing to Vaccinate Children

Joel Wood is a pharmacist who was fired from his job for raising ethical concerns about the Covid-19 “vaccine.” He didn’t feel comfortable ethically vaccinating children, given his knowledge of the survival rates of Covid amongst that population, and also the experimental nature of the vaccine. He was also concerned about vaccine shedding, and safety in the workplace for those who have chosen NOT to be vaccinated. Because he refused to give the vaccine and raised the concerns he has raised, he’s been fired.

He joined America’s Front Line Doctors to raise awareness and empower others in the medical community to speak up about their concerns with the rollout of the Covid vaccines.

You can contact Joel at PatriotAlchemist45@protonmail.com while he builds a website. You can find his story at America’s Frontline Doctors.

AmericasFrontlineDoctors.org: Interview: Listen to NY pharmacist discuss his refusal to administer experimental biological agents without informed consent

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  1. Kathleen Sanders, RPh

    I am a pharmacy manager for the world’s largest retailer. I too refused to give the X-19 shot. I am now fighting to find assistance to get my job back! I believe Americans and Patriots need to know the truth about these drugs. Please reach out to me!!!!!


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