Dark To Light: Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem

We are honored to be joined today by Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem. We talk about the timeline of events from November 3 through today as it pertains to election integrity, his recent defamation suit, as well as what the plan for the Arizona audit will be.

It is a show you DO NOT want to miss.

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UncoverDC.com: Arizona House Rep. Mark Finchem files defamation lawsuit against Dem. caucus leader Fernandez

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  1. Bree Johnson

    Loved your interview and was feeling very hopeful that the fraud and lies would be exposed here in AZ. On Friday news came out about shredded ballots found in a dumpster and fire at a maricopa county board of supervisors farm where the ballots were supposedly located. This is crazy the corruption level that is happening here and all over the country. I have lost all hope election fraud will ever be uncovered.


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