Krush Performance: Unlimit Your Potential

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWWe are BIG fans of thinking BIG, Dreaming BIG! While it can be easy to underestimate your potential, there are strategies you can use to get on track and move forward with focus and confidence to “Unlimit Your Potential.” On this week’s episode of Krush Performance, get set for an inspirational and timely conversation with high-performance mental coach, Seth Pepper.

We discuss Seth’s incredible story of how he came from a small town to enter a sport he had little experience in to become one of the world’s top athletes. Now, Seth coaches athletes, performers, organizations, teams, and businesses in harnessing the power of the mental game to attack adversity and raise performance to new levels.

I cannot imagine a better conversation to have right now as we wrap up 2020 and head into the holidays and the New Year. This is a show to share with everyone you know.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Get out there, have some fun, stay safe, and let’s go get better.

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