Dark To Light: Big Bad Conspiracy Theorists are Taking Over Congress

The Friday show gives you a little extra content today, as we start by talking about the information from Bill Barr on Hannity last night, dissect that a bit, and then get into the lawsuit filed in SC regarding mail-in voting.

From there, we move to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, and then we explore how the media is treating homegrown Americans taking the initiative to run for Congress. Spoiler Alert: One letter of the alphabet features prominently. BUSY SHOW!

Links mentioned in this episode
– UDC Article on Mail in Voting
Good Morning America Takes on Q https://twitter.com/GMA/status/1294237049080479744
Marjorie Taylor Greene

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  1. Michelle

    You have probably already heard: Millie Weaver was arrested yesterday at her home while her husband and children were present. She had just begun to up load her documentary Shadow Gate. You’ll find her video on banned videos. It was uploaded 3 -4 hours ago. A friend of hers documented her arrest. I learned about her arrest on Infro Wars. Alex is on Banned.video. There may be more to the video… because it seemed to just end…


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