The Cannabis Podcast: Great Time To Eat Your Cannabis

The Cannabis PodcastAs the COVID-19 Global Pandemic continues, people are turning to alcohol or cannabis and this week on The Cannabis Podcast, Ian Beckles explains why now is a great time to eat cannabis.

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  1. sitaifun

    Juicing your cannabis is healthy, but if you don’t want to get high be careful. John Kohler of GrowingYourGreens unintentionally stumbled upon a raw cannabis juice recipe that gets you high. Most researchers state that unless the plant is heated the THC component will not be decarboxylated and thus won’t cause a psychoactive effect. However, John’s friend who has a high tolerance to THC confirmed that this is an extremely potent recipe, even though leafy green cannabis leaves were used with very minimal low-grade immature buds. They theorize that the citric acid from the tangerines may have helped extract the THC, and the MCTs from the coconut may have driven it into the cells in a slow steady fashion, as the high lasted 10 hours. They would like to experiment with the same recipe using a strain of non-THC cannabis to maximize the benefits of CBD. They dubbed it the Tangerine Coconut Cream Growing Your Greens Dream Supreme Uber Recipe:
    How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves


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