Dark To Light: Next – Alien Invasion

It’s time for the Wednesday show! Today, Beanz shares some texts from a friend that lends credence to an earlier “appearance” of this virus.

Also, we talk about how ASKING criminals to stop committing crime is the new way to keep our communities safe, Chris Cuomo and his brother banter back and forth, an alien invasion is all that’s left and the CIA apparently agrees, the DOJ IG is SO disturbed about FISA abuse he STOPS an audit to reprimand, and we get some funny stories from Beanz about life in the Covid.

All of this and more only on the Wednesday edition of the Dark to Light podcast!


Hospitals furlough because of low census

The Epoch Times: Inspector General audit finds widespread problems with FBI’s FISA applications

Houston’s Mayor is nuts!!!!

Text messages from Tracy Beanz’ friend about being sick


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