In The Trenches With Ian Beckles: Buccaneers Upcoming Decision on Jameis Winston

With the final game of the 2019-2020 NFL season set for Sunday in Miami, Ian Beckles discusses the question many Buccaneers fans currently have: Will the team place the franchise tag on Jameis Winston or let him walk?

Along with giving his take on that questions, Ian discusses the other key free agents the Buccaneers have, how the New England Patriots have given Tom Brady a deadline to tell them about his plans and discusses Kobe Bryant passing away on Sunday.

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One Response

  1. Scott Hadley

    Ian I like your takes. On Jamies, if we keep him, he needs to work on that split second decision making. I don’t think there is enough practice time to work on this. I read an article detailing Case Keenum’s use of virtual reality. If Jamies does this to do mental reps I think this benefits him greatly. All QB’s throw int’s. I’d just like the stupid to go away. (if the headset shocked him on stupid throws it wouldn’t hurt either!! Ha!) Maybe you can pass this on to Arians.


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