Duffified Live: Chef Andrae Bopp

Another meeting in the fields of Washington has created yet another friendship. Chef Brian Duffy and Chef Andrae Bopp have some long chats and talk about how they made the decision to keep the feet in the door of this industry, the trials, and pure insanity that this business can create!

Andrae Bopp, a St. Louis native, has been passionate about food and wine his entire life. Food was always at the center of his life from his high school days in Heidelberg Germany, to when Andrae graduated with top honors, from the French Culinary Institute located in New York City.

In 2012, Andrae opened a permanent restaurant inside the Cenex Convenience Store and has been garnering National attention and awards since, including: Pacific Northwest Caterer of the Year (2012), Best Food Truck Restaurant in North America (2016), Best Gas Station Breakfast in America (2016). And as been featured in The New York Times, Travel and Leisure Magazine, USA Today, Food and Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Sunset and many other Regional and National publications.

Andrae’s Kitchen has also been featured on The Cooking Channel’s show “Food Paradise,” as he continues to push the envelope with his creative “Gas Station Cuisine”. Over the last 15 years, Andrae has redefined food and dining in the Northwest with his creative and out of the box thinking.

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