Dark To Light: We’re Mad As Hell

It’s serious today as Frank and Tracy Beanz talk impeachment and much more and just let the conversation take on its own natural flow. None of this was planned today, it all just happened, and with a bonus twenty minutes because there is so much to discuss, Frank and Beanz hope you join them for the roller coaster ride.

Impeachment talk gives rise to Barr and Durham, which gives rise to the IG hearing, which gives rise to ways that we can stay calm and get through it all over the holidays as our country faces a distinct fork in the road. Which way will we go?

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Tracy Beanz’ Twitter thread on Michael Horowitz’ hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee

AG Barr tells Martha MacCallum he hasn’t looked into Ukraine’s interference into the 2016 Election



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One Response

  1. Gwen Kraft

    Yes, the mainstream media is criminally liable for harming citizens psychologically, mentally, emotionally. Families and friendships have been damaged. I’ve repeatedly written (tweeted) to the President and Judicial Watch requesting legal action against CEOs and hosts of major media outlets.
    I have confidence in AG William Barr and the investigation of Huber. I have confidence in President Trump and those who have worked for over a decade planning the restoration of the Republic. But I agree the USMCA treaty may damage our sovereignty; it was loudly challenged by The John Birch Society. Perhaps it can be amended, if we continue to press Trump to examine it. I’ve tweeted him at least three times about it.
    Hold fast and press on!


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