Dark To Light: Author & Presidential Advisor Doug Wead

Today is a VERY special edition of the podcast as we get ready for the release of the IG report on Monday. Frank and Beanz are joined by Doug Wead, a New York Times bestselling author and an advisor to two American presidents.

He served in the White House as special assistant to the president under George H. W. Bush and is a co-founder and original board member of Mercy Corps, which has distributed more than $2 billion of food and medicine around the world.

Doug recently gained unprecedented access to the White House to write the ACTUAL story of what has happened and is happening in the Trump White House. Please purchase a copy of this absolutely amazing book, “Inside Trump’s White House: The REAL Story Of His Presidency.”

Frank and Beanz have an absolutely FASCINATING discussion with Doug about the intimate details of the Trump administration, and it is an interview you absolutely do not want to miss.

After they are finished, they move to some current events and close up the show with a preface on what to expect next week!

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2 Responses

  1. Eve Goodson

    Hi Frank and Tracy,

    I loved this interview with Doug Wead and I’m going to buy his book. I particularly love his happy personality and I believe it will show through his writing and this is what is pushing me to buy his book out of all the other great books written about Trump.
    His view on Trump and his family look to confirm to my own beliefs which is good because he knows him whereas I don’t.

    Thanks again for the great interview.


  2. Cindy Banks

    Tracy, the interview with Doug Wead was just incredible. I posted it on Facebook and ssent it out as an email. I can’t wait to listen to the book.


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