Dark To Light: James Clapper Exposed

It’s a clip heavy Wednesday edition of the podcast as Tracy Beanz is off in Miami for the American Priority Conference so we recorded this show yesterday! We start with a little update on the Nader case. What is the agreement by both the government and Nader that is causing the media some annoyance?

After that, we again talk about the media and Syria and play some clips from Tucker Carlson with Colonel Douglas MacGregor that explain the chess board being played in Syria with Turkey and the Curds.

We go through some clips of Meghan McCain’s outrage and critique the lack of information people are using to base their decisions.

Then, we move on to the leaker and talk about a memo he wrote to himself about the call he had with the now second leaker who informed the first. We listen to Stephen Miller tell us about the Deep State coup in effect, and end then we talk about what Minneapolis is trying to pull with the Trump campaign.

To finish the show, we play a clip of James Clapper burying the Obama administration and their role in the spying scandal!

Beanz will be back next Monday so you’ll be treated to a special edition episode of Frank on Friday!


Brad Parscale on Twitter about leftist Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey’s abuse of power

Senior FBI official Michael Kortan was the one receiving bribes from CNN

Headlines With A Voice YouTube: Stephen Miller issues dire warning to Americans

CNN: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus


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