Krush Performance: Identifying Talent – We’re Terrible at it & it Could be Setting our Players Back

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWWe are absolutely TERRIBLE at predicting future athlete development and performance from the perspective of Talent Identification! Sure we can tell you where an athlete is at right now but collectively, in sport our track record for predicting future success is dismal!

And to make it worse, we are focusing on players at younger and younger ages and the younger the athletes get the WORSE we are at predicting future success!

The search for talent has gone to new heights as analytics, technology, money and profits push sport forward. But are we going in the right direction?

In this Episode of Krush Performance we talk with Krush Favorite, Sport Scientist Dr. Joe Baker as we dive into the world of Talent ID and discuss the downside as Talent ID focuses more and more on youth.

We also talk Specialization and Developmental Strategies. With all of the issues sport is facing there are some hidden opportunities for those who approach athlete and player development the right way…major opportunities.

Find out what they are as we talk Talent ID, SPecialization and Developmental Strategies on this weeks Episode of Krush Performance.

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