Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Crime And Investigation

The Wednesday edition of the show is actually a great representation of the dynamics we like to offer our audience. The first half of the show is filled with talk about culture. We listen to several clips that stemmed from the newest hysteria over Donald Trump’s tweets, and we talk about the strategic failure of what the democrats are doing. Then, we talk about the state of mainstream America and what it means to those in swing states.

The second half of the show is completely different, with a list of “who’s who” in the Seth Rich case, and a dissection of the newest revelations from Ed Butowsky and what the introduction of a new character into the saga means. If you need a refresher course on some of the people involved, don’t miss the second half of the show.

It’s a happy birthday wish to Robin and a non-stop show today on the Dark to Light podcast!

Don’t miss it!



UncoverDC: New Developments In The Seth Rich Case

CNBC: Roger Stone Banned From Social Media After Judge Rules Gag Order Breached

@som3thingwicked on Twitter: “Greatest President Ever” parody commercial

Ryan Saavedra on Twitter: CNN Tries To Convince 8 Republican Women That Trump Is Racist

Sara Carter on Twitter discussing Rep. Ayanna Presley


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  1. Jann Miller

    Am I the only one who LOLd about the President’s shampoo remark in that tweet? The man is really funny, besides being brilliant. Famine was the other horseman. Omar? Why has she not been charged with immigration fraud? Your DtoL podcasts are refreshing, informative, and positive. I thank you both for your voices.


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