Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: A Miscellaneous Day

Today is a miscellaneous sort of day on the “Dark to Light” podcast. There are lots of topics discussed, including the newest Papadopoulos story change, the Russian “spy” being targeted in the Spygate farce, and a few other Spygate tidbits.

Frank takes sort of a reverse role today and walks us through financial corruption and an interesting timeline that circles around a certain day in June, 2016 and details a breaking Buzzfeed controversy. Why was the largest Democrat PAC in the country sending MILLIONS to Buzzfeed in the last quarter of 2016?

After that we move to the census and immigration, get into a bit of a discussion about the hit TV Show “Game of Thrones,” and Frank tells us why he won’t be joining us for the show on Friday. It is a very good reason.

Great show today on the “Dark to Light” Podcast with Frank and Beanz!


Revised George Papadopoulos story

What happened in June, 2016?

Mexican military clash with US on Southern Border

Tracy Beanz’ on Buzzfeed and SuperPAC


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