Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Nothing Is Happening

Things are really heating up so on today’s show, we talk a lot about Spygate, and address lots of folks out there pessimistic about the direction things are going. Frank and Beanz get into all of the signs of action, the change in tone, and discuss several bits of information released in the past few days.

The conversation leads to the James Comey memos and the recent release of information there, General Michael Flynn and a potential FISA warrant, and what is really going on with John Huber? Is he investigating leaks like Sean Hannity said last night on his show?

These topics are all discussed in depth and then we get into Frank and Beanz’ perspective on what happened to Candace Owens during the hearing yesterday. Why do democrat politicians fail to adhere to basic common decency?

The pair end with some breaking news from William Barr during his second day of testifying in front of the committee.

Twitter Threads We Discussed

Undercover Huber’s tweets on the two things the FBI/DOJ have kept secret: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


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