The Cannabis Podcast: New Jersey Halts Training Police Dogs To Sniff Out Marijuana

The Cannabis PodcastIan Beckles is back with another edition of The Cannabis Podcast and he kicks off the show by telling you about a settlement between Trulieve and the Florida Department of Health following a recent ruling by a Judge on the statutory caps on dispensaries.

Also on this week’s podcast, Ian tells you about the state of New Jersey halting training police dogs to sniff out marijuana and tells you a personal story about a CBD product from has helped him with pain.

Have a question for the show? Send Ian an email ( and this week’s episode of the podcast is presented by the book “Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America.” This book is written by comic creator Box Brown and delves deep into the troubling history of cannabis legislation in America. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast, history buff, or graphic novel fan this book has something for you. Get your own copy wherever books are sold and smoke out the truth.

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