The Cannabis Podcast: Proposed Law Changes In Baltimore, California, & Florida

The Cannabis PodcastThis week on The Cannabis Podcast, host Ian Beckles discusses the differences between cannabis and marijuana and the perception when it comes to both. Ian gets into the Acreage Holding marijuana spot to air during the Super Bowl that was denied by the NFL and CBS. He genuinely doesn’t understand why it was denied because at the end of the day, the spot was all about knowledge and education and not about sitting around “getting high.”

California is knocking on the door of legalizing marijuana during outdoor events, such as concerts, parades, and events like that. The truth of the matter is that it’s already happening and the cops on the street really don’t care. Ian also hits on another story out of California where a doctor suggested treating a four year child with an edible. The Medical Board in the state said that the doctor was negligent and the doctor was disbarred. Which is worse….giving a kid pills or giving a kid a medical marijuana cookie?

Ian also hits on the city of Baltimore,  who has decided to stop arresting and prosecuting citizens for possession of marijuana, the state of Florida and it’s potential law changes, his Strain Of The Week, and so much more.

All of this and much more on this episode of The Cannabis Podcast and be sure to check out Ian’s other podcasts on Radio Influence, In The Trenches, Flava In Ya Ear and Flavor of Tampa Bay.

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