Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The Evil Within

Today on the “Dark to Light” podcast, Frank joins the show from the liberal abyss of California, and the pair discuss a myriad of issues, from culture, to politics, and everything in between. Roger Stone has been indicted and arrested and the two have a healthy discussion about what it all means in the grand scheme of the Mueller investigation. Frank & Beanz get into the fake news media, and go over a Twitter thread by Sean Davis, the founder of the Federalist, describing his very public spat with everyone’s favorite “Mickey Mouse,” Brian Stelter of CNN.

Then, the conversation turns to a very sad topic; the passage of a bill in New York that allows a woman to terminate a pregnancy up until the moment of birth. The pair discuss how this will affect the state as a whole and what sort of things we can do to attempt to counter the evil.

Finally, Tracy closes out the show with a quick clip of some of the outliers in the Trump campaign, who publicly bicker amongst themselves about Roger Stone and whether or not he is to blame for the situations they find themselves in.

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