Krush Performance: The Gift For An Athlete

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWThe Holiday season is upon us and we know how hard it can be to find that perfect gift for the people on your gift list so we’re investigating the best gift ideas for weekend warrior, the serious athlete, or general health nut on your gift list this season. We’ll look at the coolest gadgets, the newest equipment, the latest technology, and we’ll reveal the Krush Top 10 Gift Ideas for 2018.

We talk to our good friend Scott Stevenson from Sparrow Outfitters to get even more great gift ideas.

Also, we are going to speak with our pals at Santa’s workshop south and get a look at the very hottest gift ideas from the experts at United Sport & Cycle, a North American Sporting Institution! This will be their 90th Holiday Season and if you ever get a chance to check out this store do it! It truly is a winter wonderland for athletes, weekend warriors or sport fans alike. Kelly Hodgson will join us to talk about the hottest gift ideas for the 2018 season.

Happy Holidays to all!

Get in on the Krush Holiday Action and send us your answer to the Krush question of the day: “As an athlete what is the Best Gift you have ever received?”. We have had some great ideas, let us know yours.

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