Krush Performance: Performance Cultures & The International Game

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWIt is very rare to get a glimpse into the making of a true performance culture but that is exactly what we do in this episode of Krush Performance. As Major League Baseball Winter Meetings get underway, we take a look at how the game of baseball has changed so much so quickly and how these rapid changes are influencing player preparation and organizational strategies. We get a very rare and special glimpse into the creation of a high performance culture as we talk with the new Manager of the Texas Rangers, Chris Woodward. We ask Chris about the state of the game, his new managerial position, and how Texas is positioning itself to be a perennial contender for post season success.

The game of baseball is healthy all over the globe, thanks to a little help. We talk to our good friend Pete Caliendo, Vice President for the International Sports Group, about coaching development, the global game, and what the Olympics mean for international baseball.

We get off to a quick start in this jam packed episode of Krush Performance.

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