Leveling The Playing Field: Tracie Speca-Ventura, Founder/President Of Sports And The Arts

Happy 50th episode!! Bobbi-Sue celebrates by making a few announcements. Keep your eyes open for a private group on Facebook, merchandise, and a new website. And, of course, lots of gratitude to you, our listeners, and Jerry and Jason at Radio Influence. This week’s episode is with Tracie Speca-Ventura, Founder & President of Sports and the Arts. Tracie’s path includes nannying for… wait for it… Pete Rose. She tells the story of the day he found out he was banned from baseball. She continued to nanny for various celebrities and athletes while building her business. It was a tough beginning but she used charity events as a way to get exposure and make connections. These connections led to massive art collection projects at Levi’s Stadium, Yankee Stadium, and many more.

This episode brings a side of the sports world that we haven’t talked about – art – and it’s fascinating.

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