Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The Anonymous Resister

So someone is claiming to be limiting the damage Trump is doing to regular order in the executive branch. The destruction of that regular order, of course, being the reason people like Frank voted for Trump in the first place. Who is the Anonymous Resister though? That’s a question he’s heard asked in BREATHLESS ways during news briefs across the country.

For one, it is someone who lacks basic intuition because how will this be perceived by sane people, regardless of their personal political leanings? Are you telling me that sane people will willfully cast our Republic aside and cheer on sedition? After all, that is exactly what this is. Executive Branch sedition by an anonymous, self-appointed rat who claims to be picking and choosing what policies sink or swim until ‘they’ can safely get Trump out of the White House. The rats will cheer this.

Also, Corey Booker thinks he’s being a rebel and a badass in releasing the confidential e-mails of Brett Kavanaugh during the Supreme Court Judiciary Committee hearings. Could this come back and bite him in the ass?

Frank flies solo this week while Tracy Beanz is on super secret, “If I told you where she was, we’d have to kill you” assignment.

Until next week…….

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  1. martin

    I can’t wait to see tracy’s new larp with the new q. She’s got some preliminary sneak peeks. You should bring her on your show every night, sather too, maybe change the name to quite frankly beanz with Jordan sather. He killed it on comedy central.



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