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KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWThis week on Krush Performance, Jeff Krushell looks back on a summer of great guests and great conversations. There were a couple that really stirred up the pot and he’ll revisit those conversations today. In the news, there have been a couple of story lines that has caught his eye recently and he wants to expand on them today.

First, an interview with Thomas Bach, the President of the IOC, who comments on their ambitious strategic road map for the future and their attempts to create a more feasible and sustainable Olympic Games. On the topic of doping in sport, Bach says “doping will always happen” and it’s “one of the wars you cannot win.” Also, are eSports worthy of being an Olympic event?

MLB has agreed to a ground breaking partnership with trainers and agents in Latin America. What does this mean for player development and how might this impact other sports? He expounds on this and share my thoughts.

Finally, we look at some of the responses to our question that has been going out to all coaches: What are the top five things you would like to learn to help you better coach your players right now? If you are a coach, send us your list ( as we get set for our fall coaching development series.

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