Beyond The Badge: The “Stand Your Ground” Law, Trayvon Martin, & Markeis McGlockton

BTB #1This week, law enforcement analyst Vincent Hill takes a long look at the “Stand Your Ground” law that was made famous in the Trayvon Martin case. With the documentary that premiered last night on Paramount Network and BET about the Trayvon Martin case, Vincent felt it was a good time to revisit the case.

The law is being spotlighted right now due to the shooting death of Markeis McGlockton in Clearwater, FL. McGlockton and his family pulled into a handicapped parking spot at a local convenient store when he was approached by 47-year old Michael Drejka, who had a reputation for being a local neighborhood nuisance. Drejka exchanged words with McGlockton and his family that led to McGlockton shoving Drejka to the ground. As you can see in the video, McGlockton was stepping away when he was shot in the side a few seconds later.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri announced that Drejka would not be arrested due to the “Stand Your Ground” law, which gives immunity to anyone in fear of their life to use lethal force to defend themselves.

It’s the same defense used by George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case.

Vincent dives into that and much more on this week’s episode of Beyond The Badge!

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