Leveling The Playing Field: Reno Aces General Manager Emily Jaenson

Emily Jaenson is the first woman in two decades to be named General Manager of a ball club in the Pacific Coast League of Minor league baseball. She is currently the only female GM in all of Triple-A and one of 5 total in MiLB. Her path to the GM role is one of Bobbi-Sue’s favorites thus far.

Emily started as a ticket sales intern with her hometown team, Chicago Bulls. After the program ended, she moved over to the Muscular Dystrophy Association where she worked on everything from fundraising to events for over 3.5 years. She has been a small business owner and a big sister (and employee) of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Emily found home with the Reno Aces as she moved up the ranks to VP of Corporate Partnerships. A move to Houston for her husband’s job kept her away for two years, working in other organizations until this spring she received a phone call from the President of the Reno Aces asking her to come home and be the GM. This conversation highlights the same lesson over and over again: pivoting is good, gaining new skills is good, and you don’t have to move through your career in a straight line.

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