Krush Performance: Tapping into the Power of the Mind

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWThe mind has a powerful influence on performance, no matter what you are doing. The good news, you have more control over how your mind works than you might think.

In this episode we talk with former Major League Baseball Pitcher turned Mental Skills Coach Bob Tewksbury. Bob has worked with the Boston Red Sox, the Major League Players Association and now consults with the San Francisco Giants as they make a charge for post season play and the World Series.

Even the best players in the world can struggle with lack of confidence and finding that things are not always easy even if you are one of the best.

It’s normal to experience these things and it is also important to arm yourself with strategies for dealing with the challenges. Today we talk strategies for mental performance, in sport, school, business or life in general you can apply the principles of the mental game to improve your performance.

Consistent Routines equal Consistent Performance!

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