Krush Performance: Anxiety, Stress, & Depression

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWAthletes are often perceived as confident, healthy, outgoing, and positive but that’s not always the case. Stress, anxiety, and depression are very powerful words and we are hearing them more and more inside and outside of sport.

Anxiety is very real and if you are not armed with the tools to cope and deal with anxiety it can become debilitating or worse it can develop into depression.

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses world wide and some research suggests that symptoms of anxiety and depression may be higher among athletes than in the general public for a number of reasons.

I say to all of my athletes and coaches the first step in fixing a problem is to accurately define the problem and in today’s episode we are going to do just that as we are joined by registered psychologist, Kristy Gialet.

This week, we ask the questions “What is Anxiety?” “What causes Anxiety?” “What are the signs & symptoms?” “What can we do to head it off at the pass?”

We also take a look into depression, suicide, and dealing with traumatic events.

I share with you some sage advice from one of my mentors and great friends the late and great Harvey Dorfman one of the pioneers of sport psychology.

We have all had our challenges and hardships. Know you are not alone and there are great people out there just waiting to lend a hand.

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