Leveling The Playing Field: Erika Brennan, USF Head Women’s Golf Coach

On this week’s episode, Bobbi-Sue interviews the Head Women’s Golf Coach at USF, Coach Erika Brennan. Coach Brennan was named to her current position in December 2017. Prior to USF, she was the Head Women’s Golf Coach at Southern Mississippi for three seasons. At Southern Miss, she led her team to six tournament titles.

Erika was a student-athlete at Western Carolina where she studied sport management. She shares a lot of insight on leadership, mentorship, and being a perpetual student. We even hear about her penchant for dancing around and the one time she did karaoke in front of 40,000 people.

She also has her own podcast called Leading Beyond Sport, an audio experience for coaches, administrators, and student-athletes at the college level. She dives in to relevant topics that go beyond sport tactics via interviews, audible blog style content and narration to help you buck the status quo, own your brilliance and LEAD BEYOND SPORT!

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