Inside The Dugout: Are Old-School Guys Being Pushed Out Of Baseball?

ITD - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWOn today’s podcast, “The Skipper” Kevin Kennedy and Rich Herrera discuss a new direction in baseball that will see starters working a smaller workload with increased workloads for middle reliever and setup men. How will this work for teams that are going to try and play more match up baseball with more pitching changes depending on splits and matchups? Can you win running each game during the season like it is Game 7 of the World Series on a Tuesday in June and still make the playoffs? What will happen in the game if starters go five and dive and go through the lineup only twice and you leave the bullpen to have to go through the last 4 innings of a game trying to get the last 12 outs of a ball game? Are old-school guys being pushed out of the game?

It’s old school beliefs and strategies versus new school philosophies, Sabrmetrics, and technology.

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