In The Trenches with Ian Beckles: Something drastic has to happen with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 2-6 and the question around Tampa is, who’s to blame? This week on In The Trenches, former Buccaneers offensive lineman Ian Beckles gives his thoughts on what’s gone wrong this season.

From Jameis Winston having another bad game to the struggles of the offensive line, Ian touches on it all. And the best way to sum up Ian’s thoughts this week is, “something drastic has to happen” with the Buccaneers.

Plus, Ian talks about the altercation on the Bucs sideline between Winston, Mike Evans, and New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore. Could Evans be facing a suspension and was Winston acting childish? Find out from a former player’s perspective on this week’s “In The Trenches.”

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2 Responses

  1. Eric

    Ok Ian. The bucs got the W. But once again I have a couple of questions I’d love to hear your opinion on. First I’d like to ask you from a linemans point of view.

    This year it seems like you can put money on a first down run. No matter how many men are in the box. If the fans can see this and this and even week’s announcers poked fun at it. Does it get old from a linemans point of view to hear that call come in every first down. I mean if we’ve all figured it out. I’m pretty sure the defense has as well. Is that maddening for a lineman? What’s going throw their heads knowing the run is coming and looking up and seeing 9 or 10 men in the box every first down? I get trying to established the run and control the line of scrimmage but damn.

    Second question… this has more to do with the end of the game this week.

    Why do NFL teams go to soft coverage when they are up on a team in the final minutes of a game? I mean I get not getting beat deep ( Brent Grimes) but it seems that offenses ALWAYS move the ball once the defense goes into that soft or prevent coverage. Why doesn’t the defensive coordinator continue to call plays that choke out the offense who hasn’t been able to move the ball all game long? It just seems that if an offense hasn’t been able to move the ball all game. Why change to prevent and let them move the ball? I’ve never understood that.

    Sorry for the long email. But I’m just curious what you think from a players point of view.


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