Leveling The Playing Field: Allison Gorrell, President of Plan A Management

Bobbi-Sue speaks with Allison Gorrell, the president of Plan A Management, a boutique full-service consulting firm. With experience in nonprofit management, public relations, and special event production, Plan A Management is capable of executing events, programs, projects and campaigns for both nonprofit and for-profit entities. Plan A Management services multiple charitable organizations for athletes, including the Ryan Nece Foundation and the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation. Allison’s career first began in public relations as an intern. The conversation flows from Allison’s early career to making the leap to start her own business. Allison isn’t afraid to discuss the general attitude towards women in sports and some of the lessons she learned and Bobbi-Sue goes off on a tangent about how women in sports media are treated. The most surprising part of this week’s episode, Allison’s favorite pastime which leaves Bobbi-Sue saying “stop it!” multiple times.

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