Krush Performance: Continued Concussion Talk w/Tim Fleiszer of the Concussion Legacy Foundation

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWContinued Concussion Talk w/Tim Fleiszer of the Concussion Legacy Foundation in Canada

Are we doing enough to protect our athletes? Should High School Football be banned?

This week, we continue our look into Concussions in Sport.

We talk with ex-pro football player, Harvard Grad, and now Executive Director of the Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) in Canada, Tim Fleiszer, about the current research and the movement to improve player safety especially at the developmental levels of sport.

We also visit with former collegiate athlete turned researcher, Samantha Bureau. She is now the PR Director for the CLF and chats about how working with the researchers who are studying the donated brains of former NFL and NHL players has changed her perspective of contact sports and what she learned while working with the incredible CTE Center at Boston University.

We’ll continue the discussion on improving player safety and we ask Tim as a former Professional Football Player does he agree with the push to ban High School Football.

A powerful episode of Krush Performance.

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