Beyond The Badge: Charlottesville

BTB #1Over the weekend, a white Supremacist group in Charlottesville, VA thought it would be a great idea to hold a hate filled, racist, bigoted rally in a feeble attempt to “regain the control and power” that they felt they had lost. To counter that rally, a group of protestors held a counter rally in a show of unity against such methodology. As you know, things turned deadly when someone drove a car through the counter rally , killing one person and injuring several others.

This week, Vincent discusses the hypocrisy of the entire situation, including how everyone is blaming Donald Trump for his comments over the weekend and yet didn’t criticize Barack Obama when he supported the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

What is going on the world????

Also, Vincent discusses the death of a South Carolina police officer shot in the line of duty that was caught on body cam.

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