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This week on Krush Performance we begin our year long look at coaching and coaching development.

We can all think back to a coach, teacher, boss or mentor who has impacted our lives – for good or bad. Coaching is a great responsibility.

If we are going to truly influence learning and development the key is to develop great Coaching.

From the grass roots entry levels right up to the highest levels of performance parents, teachers, bosses, managers and coaches are the keys to quality learning and development.

In 2017 we will be scanning the Globe to look at the top coaching development programs; we will talk with some of the great coaches of our time and the athletes who have learned from them all in an effort to understand what it is to be a Great Coach.

This week we begin our investigation into coaching and coaching development with a look at Canada and the Canadian sport system. Canada is a world leading in sport science and athlete development and running parallel to one of the most innovative athlete development programs ever developed – the long Term Athlete Development program – is the Canadian NCCP: National Coaching Certification Program.

Wayne Parro, senior coaching consultant and advisor to the Coaching Association of Canada joins us to discuss the Canadian system.

Motivation is a big part of coaching, but we are very off base in our understanding of what motivates us. We go back to a fantastic conversation with author, speaker and television host Dan Pink to review what science knows about motivation and what sport and business actually does and we’ll discuss the three elements of true motivation.

Join us, get motivated and share this episode of Krush Performance as we begin look into coaching & coaching development. And, let us know if you have question or a topic you would like us to investigate. If we like your idea we may dedicate a segment or entire show to your topic.

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