Beyond The Badge: Courthouse Shooting In Atlanta

BTB #1On this week’s episode of Beyond the Badge, Vincent Hill discusses a case that he discussed on local news in Atlanta involving a shooting at the Courthouse in Downtown Atlanta.

A man who was in court concerning child support was shot in the butt after refusing to cooperate with authorities in regards to putting away his tablet in the courtroom. No cameras nor recording devices are allowed in a courtroom by law. The judge repeatedly asked him to put the tablet away to no avail. The man was belligerent toward the judge who called law enforcement into the situation and that’s where things got nasty.

Vincent tells you what exactly went down on this week’s Beyond The Badge!

Vincent Hill, a former Nashville police officer, private investigator, author, and television law enforcement analyst, gained national notoriety following the Steve McNair/Sahel Kazemi murder suicide in Nashville on July 4th, 2009 and has authored two books, “Playbook For A Murder” and “Incomplete Pass,” on the subject after conducting his own investigations. He has also been a frequent contributor to Fox News Network, Nancy Grace on HLN, various shows on CNN and Al-Jazeera television, and has been featured on “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones” on Investigation Discovery.

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